Our folding Enamel BBQ weighs approximately 7 kilograms, it is fairly lightweight easily portable and was designed for easy stowing and carrying on and in vehicles. This item is not cheap pressed tin but a folded and welded steel construction. 

The enamel finish gives it great weathering properties and an easy clean surface,this makes the item ideal for over landing applications or the local camping trip, where a rugged tough item is needed. The BBQ is equally versatile for throwing in the boot for picnics, beach BBQ's or using at home in the garden.

The BBQ comes complete with legs; body, lid , Stainless Steelgrill and a black PVC carry bag. 


The grill can be removed when cooking with a potjie or left on when cooking with a flat bottom pot. 

When you have finished cooking the unit can be used as a Fire Pit by simply removing the grill and placing logs into the BBQ .  

When you wish to retire for the evening the lid is put back on to prevent hot ash and embers blowing onto your tent or combustible material. The whole unit folds up  into its own carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

The BBQ comes in  Grey, and extras such as a charcoal basket and side tables can be added.

Grey Bushpig BBQ Standard package

  • The available cooking area is 500mm x 250mm (50cm x 25cm) or (20inch x 10inch), and stands 250mm (25cm) off the ground.

     When folded into its carry bag the the unit measures 50cm (L) X 25cm( W) X 15cm (H), and weighs approximately 7kg.

    The surface is an easy clean enamel coating.