A enamel coated Bread Oven to compliment the Bushpig BBQ. the item has a body, lid and internal loaf tin to make fresh BBQ bread on the Bushpig BBQ.


We have also had customers use these on stoves both outdoor and on units in their camper vans.

Bushpig BBQ Bread Oven.

  • Being enamel coated the item has superb weather resistance, is  easy clean and is dishwasher safe. Baking  fresh bread in the Bread Oven is really easy and we have even baked orange cake. The unit can be used for a variety of baking applications from small joints, garlic bread and even yorkshire puddings.

    We have had customers saying that they are not bakers and are amazed at how easy it is and that you can have fresh bread in an hour to an hour and twenty minutes off a BBQ.

    Our philosophy is a Bushpig product is bought once and with the proper care and no abuse should last a lifetime.